3 Presentations to Look For at PhUSE 2017 in Scotland

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Intego Group will be present for the 2017 PhUSE conference this week in Edinburgh, Scotland from October 8-11th.  The conference takes place at the Edinburgh International Conference Center and will feature a number of speakers during its 3 days there.

For the past few years Intego Group has received accolades for their involvement.  If you plan to be at the conference, we like to invite you to the following presentations: 

Growing Up with SAS: It Gets Real
October 9th | Time: 16:00 – 16:30 | Location: Menteith

Author/Presenter: Yevhen Los, Dmytro Hasan
Intego Group/Experis

This presentation will explore one particular example of the real-world data and apply statistical analysis in order to uncover some of the mysteries it holds, namely the data about adverse events which occurred after the administration of the vaccines collected by the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control. We will see how even the most basic tools of data analysis in SAS can provide valuable insights into the data and how easily those “simple” tools can produce quite complex results. At the same time we will employ more elaborate analyses in order to make some clear and easily interpretable conclusions. We hope that our little example will inspire others to dig deeper into the data around us and search for the hidden gems and insights it can provide – with SAS it is not that difficult!

Topology-based Clinical Data Mining: Identifying Hidden Patterns in Clinical Data Sets
October 9th | Time: 17:00 – 17:30 | Location: Lammermuir 2

Authors/Presenters: Sergey Glushakov, Iryna Kotenko, Andrey Rekalo
Intego Group

The emerging field of clinical data mining seeks to apply data integration and visualisation tools that can improve our understanding of the entire clinical data set. This presentation will show how a novel methodology – topology-based clinical data mining (TCDM) – can be used to reveal multivariate patterns in clinical trial data sets. TCDM allows investigators to extract comprehensive topological maps of the data without first having to develop a model or hypothesis. This geometric data-driven approach allows researchers to identify meaningful relationships in data that would otherwise be left unidentified by traditional biostatistical approaches. The TCDM methodology was adopted to develop a prototype of a software platform that provides a computational environment in which researchers can perform data- mining experiments on clinical data sets. This presentation discusses the key steps of the TCDM workflow and describes the surprising results of computational experiments that were performed on several data sets.

Are You Still Afraid of Using Arrays? Let’s Explore Their Advantages
October 10th | Time: 13:30 – 13:45 | Location: Lowther

Author/Presenter:  Vladyslav Khudov
Intego Group/Experis

At first glance, arrays in SAS® seem to be a complicated and difficult tool, so many programmers try to avoid them in their code. However, knowledge of arrays and the ability to use them effectively can expand your programming techniques. Using arrays allows you to perform the same tasks with different variables, perform table look-ups, restructure data, etc. Using arrays can simplify your code and can even help accomplish tasks which can’t be easily done with other methods. This presentation will introduce some examples of how to solve popular tasks such as finding the date of the last dose prior to event, LOCF, and others. In particular, it will provide possible solutions to these types of problems, using arrays over alternative strategies. The advantages of each method will be investigated.

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