3D Visualization of Heavy Equipment Installation

3D Visualization of Heavy Equipment Installation

3D Visualization and Feasibility Analysis of Heavy Equipment Installation on Offshore Oil Drilling Platform


Our customer is a leading international energy company with offices strategically distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide. The company’s petroleum division required heavy equipment installation on a number of offshore oil-drilling platforms located worldwide.


Our customer was looking for a solution to optimize engineering efforts and the installation of heavy equipment on a number of offshore oil drilling platforms. Taking into account that the cost of the platform sitting idle is over one million dollars a day, the decision was made to implement a feasibility analysis using a 3D simulation and virtual reality modeling. The outcomes of the simulation and feasibility analysis provided detailed recommendations for engineering and installations, based on a number of parameters such as wind strength, wave force and the lifting crane’s position.


Importing actual CAD models of the drilling platforms, equipment for installation, and lifting cranes, our engineers simulated the installation process. A specially-designed lifting operations 3D simulator helped our software engineers to visualize the process of offshore installation. The software provides total control over the lifting process, making it much easier to simulate the installation in 3D and to later follow the recommendations in real life. Our software developers became an integrated part of the complex engineering process, working together with oil and gas engineers to find the best combination of parameters, such as wind speed, wave force, and the like, to optimize engineering efforts and decrease the idle time of platforms during installation.


Six months after the simulation was completed, the real life installation was performed successfully on the first oil-drilling platform offshore. The result surpassed expectations and the decision was made to utilize 3D simulation and feasibility analysis for a number of the company’s other engineering projects. Our software engineers did an outstanding job, delivering a complex and highly-important solution that led to a long-term strategic partnership with our client.

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