BPO Center of Legal Professionals

BPO Center of Legal Professionals

Establishing a BPO Center of Legal Professionals for a Well-Known Silicon Valley Patent Attorney Firm


Our client is a Silicon Valley patent and trademark attorney firm specializing in various technological fields including software, hardware, electronics, business methods, mechanics, material science, and medical devices. The firm has filed and procured patents and trademarks for major companies, startups, and individual inventors in the United States and internationally.


The firm decided to partner with Intego Group in order to reduce the cost of patent application preparation and procurement, as well as improve efficiency and scalability in response to the highly competitive business environment in which they operate. Given the firm’s culture of professionalism and high speed-to-market requirements, coupled with the firm’s high-profile clientele, the effective management of offshore professionals’ learning process was a high priority.


Following the customer’s specific requirements, our recruiters acquired a team of English-speaking legal professionals working from one of our delivery centers in Ukraine. Since the beginning of our partnership, Intego Group has worked closely with the firm to create a unique Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model utilizing offshore resources to deliver the majority of the patent and trademark application process, including tasks such as application draft preparation, application assessment and examination, application amendment claims, filing and procuring applications, and the like.

The BPO delivery model requires both parties to work closely in a very transparent and flexible way, using state-of-the-art management tools to ensure that communication and task allocation processes are effectively coordinated. Our legal professionals’ delivery of these BPO functions has enabled the firm to focus on client communications, which has resulted in higher customer satisfaction ratings.


The firm’s implementation of BPO operations has enabled it to improve their operations’ efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining a high level of services and improving communication with customers. After the successful launch of BPO operations, our customer has achieved a number of benefits, such as:

  • Cost reduction - the offshore model has provided our customer with over 40% in total savings.
  • Improved speed - effectively managing the time difference with an increased workforce, our customer reduced the average time of application preparation by nearly 50%.
  • Improved customer satisfaction - firm significantly improved customer service and their overall reputation in the highly competitive Silicon Valley market by being more available to focus on communication with their customers.
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