Captive Center for Oil and Gas Company

Captive Center for Oil & Gas Company

Building Captive Center for Global Provider of Engineering Services in Oil and Gas Industry


Our customer is a global provider of engineering, construction and operational services for large industrial facilities with over 20,000 employees. The company is recognized for its development of new technologies for deep-water drilling based on field-proven drilling equipment. The company’s performance technology center provides real content to the Integrated Operations concept. The company currently employs an extensive number of highly experienced professionals in Western and Eastern Europe.


The company spent 10 years developing a suite of advanced 3D real-time industrial software (analytical visualization and simulation software) that can be used in a multitude of industries. The permanent need for highly skilled, R&D-focused software engineers brought our customer to the post-Soviet region. The company developed strong partnerships with Intego Group in Ukraine and a Russian provider in St. Petersburg.


The partnership between our customer and Intego Group started in 2006 with the acquisition of highly skilled 3D software engineers. The R&D nature of the project influenced the requirements for the staff. These requirements included strong mathematics skills, a Ph.D or Science background, over 10 years of experience in software development, strong analytical and communication skills, and the availability to travel to Europe frequently.

The current snapshot of the team consists of a number of senior level software engineers and quality assurance engineers. Most of the project management activities are performed on the customer side. Deep integration with European offices was a requirement from the beginning. A separate office area with restricted access, a dedicated Internet channel, and additional legal IP protection are just a few of the required features put into place. Due to its strict requirements, the process of technical infrastructure integration was implemented in phases. This integration plan included additional requirements, such as DIGIPASS® access to the customer’s network, transition to hardware from the vendor’s list approved by our customer’s Global Headquarters, remote management of computers by the customer’s system administrators, and the like.


As a result of our partnership, our customer launched several complex engineering products and solutions dedicated especially to the needs of oil and gas industries. These products were developed either exclusively from scratch by our Ukrainian engineers, or according to a distributed team model between Russian, European and Ukrainian offices. New versions of these products with additional features and functionality are in the pipeline for the next several years. Due to successful management, an impressive portfolio of products and technologies developed, in-house expertise and highly experienced personnel, our customer has become a true global leader in the areas of visualization and 3D simulation of oil and gas engineering processes.

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