Dedicated Teams for North American Software Company

Dedicated Teams for North American Software Company

Establishing a Number of Dedicated Teams for a Reputable North American Software Company


Our customer is a publicly-traded North American company who is a true leader in the digital printing industry, providing an effective and dynamic technology platform for the transaction of digital media content from a large cohort of consumers to the digital printing facilities of the largest retailers in the world.


Our customer has grown rapidly during recent years, particularly through its new lines of business targeting expansion into personalized and business printing solutions. As a result, our customer experienced a lack of software development capacity available for the implementation of a number of critically important products and IT solutions. Taking into account the complexity of the platform and high pressure from the market to get this new line of products live as early as possible, our customer was looking for a reliable technological partner in Eastern Europe who could quickly and cost efficiently establish a center of multiple teams of software engineers dedicated exclusively to our customer’s projects.


Due to our proven track record of successfully delivered projects using .NET technologies, Intego Group was chosen as a strategic vendor to set up an offshore outsourcing capacity for our customer. The primary challenge for us was the ten-hour time difference between our customer’s development teams and our engineering facilities in Ukraine, where the development process required implementation of Scrum as a project management methodology. Each team in Ukraine consisted of a number of software developers and quality assurance engineers managed by a Team Leader. For each team, a Project Manager and additional engineers were assigned from the customer side (in a proportion of 20% in-house to 80% offshore), which helped with daily communications and the successful implementation of Scrum methodology. By distributing projects among multiple teams managed through a central PMO, our customer succeeded in achieving:

  • Significant (up to 40%) cost advantages due to the offshore location of development teams in Ukraine.
  • Increased speed-to-market as a result of fast recruiting and significantly increased software development capacity.
  • Extended development hours due to the distribution of development teams across different time zones.
  • Knowledge and expertise retention as a result of effective project management and workload distribution.
  • High employee motivation due to an extensive number of successfully delivered new products and IT solutions.

A unique project management solution was implemented in which, instead of assigning individual resources, the task distribution involved assigning an entire team as an individual development unit. This generated a lot of positive feedback from the interactions between team members and boosted dynamics within the development environment.


This successful partnership enabled our customer to significantly increase their service offering to the large volume of retailers worldwide. Due to significant cost savings and the increased functionality of their IT solutions, our customer reported much higher profit margins to their investors, as well as adding new lines of business and state-of-the-art products launched onto the market. As a result, our customer’s stock price rose significantly, bringing them the opportunity to expand into new markets and successfully implement long-term goals.

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