E-commerce CRM for a European Hotel Chain

E-commerce CRM for a European Hotel Chain

Engineering of E-commerce CRM Solution for a Leading European Hotel and Resort Operating Company


Our customer operates a chain of over 40 first-class hotels and resorts in Europe, managing the accommodations of over 2 million guests across ten European countries every year. Our client is a true industry leader in managing sales, pricing, marketing and customer care.


The travel and hospitality industry has always been a highly competitive market, leading guests to be increasingly demanding of specific deals and services. Additionally, competitors’ rapid reactions necessitate flexible, scalable solutions to support an effective and responsive decision-making process. This places significant pressure on the Customer Care department and the overall management of the hotel chain. Our customer needed a technological solution that could handle a growing number of guest accommodations while maintaining the chain’s high standards of customer care and maximizing their service proposition’s marketing potential.


Having solid expertise in the development of large e-commerce solutions using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, our engineers developed and delivered a complex and scalable web platform that met our customer’s current needs and helped them achieve their long-term strategic objectives. A multi-staged development process was distributed between two dedicated development teams located in Ukraine and Central Europe. Utilizing a multi-team approach, we succeeded in optimizing development efforts and decreasing the time to market while focusing on the unique functionality and integration with the existing IT infrastructure. During development, our professionals were responsible for engineering a variety of critical modules of the e-commerce CRM platform, such as:

  • Unique web-booking engine algorithm
  • Implementation of an accommodation reservation platform
  • Expanding functionality over management of the different hotel-specific properties
  • Development of various reporting and analysis features
  • Creation of the solution used for special event notifications
  • Personalized content presentation for different users and global system properties
  • Continuous web-site improvements


Using the new e-commerce CRM platform, our customer not only succeeded at increasing loyalty among existing guests and attracting the attention of new visitors, but also increased their market share and operational efficiency. After the official launch of the portal, customer satisfaction significantly rose as the web-platform become a one-stop shop providing a variety of services and information tailored to guests’ profiles and hotel-specific properties. By enhancing the customer care experience, our client has enjoyed significant improvements in their customer retention rate, higher customer satisfaction, and lower operational cost due to a more efficient decision-making process.

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