A Platform for an Industrial Railway Company

A Platform for an Industrial Railway Company

Implementation of a Complex IT Management Platform for a Leading Industrial Railway Consortium in a CIS Country


Our customer is a leading railway consortium that combines over 30 transportation and logistics companies, distributed within one of the CIS countries. Industrial railways, managed by our client, connect industrial sites to a public freight network via isolated railroads located in close proximity to public transportation infrastructure.


A characteristic of the industrial railway system is its exclusive use to serve particular industrial and logistical sites, providing a higher degree of manufacturing control and more effective freight management. Our customer is a unique entity serving high-profile industrial companies. The management team was focused on the challenge of restructuring a number of independent transportation and logistics companies into one large country-wide consortium. In order to manage this restructuring process effectively and integrate operations management into one complex and balanced framework, there was a high demand for the implementation of a number of IT solutions with the ability to help centralized operations, enhance monitoring and optimize business process workflows.


During the restructuring process, our customer sought a reputable technological partner with strong expertise in the transportation and logistics industry. This is why our company was chosen to lead most of the IT integration efforts while developing new modules and platforms. Our engineers spent months visiting different transportation and logistics companies within the consortium, analyzing existing IT infrastructure, auditing software solutions, and gathering information for detailed technical specifications. As the result of the multi-year engagement, our engineers delivered a number of software solutions to centralize decision-making and enhance the business process workflow, including:

  • Central Dispatching System
  • HR Management System
  • Route Planning and Optimization Platform
  • Documentation Management System
  • Centralized CRM Solution
  • Training Platform


New IT systems developed by our software engineers increased operational efficiency and were critical in improving customer service and management control through the creation of greater visibility into freight movement and the streamlining of business process and communications. Our solutions helped our customer increase their capacity virtually, with less spending on hardware infrastructure reengineering.

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