Oil-drilling Equipment Simulator for Training Centers

Oil-drilling Equipment Simulator for Training Centers

Development of Oil-drilling Equipment Simulator for Training Centers of a Leading European Oil Service Company


Our client is a leading oil service company offering engineering, maintenance, modification and operation services for oil and gas fields. With globally distributed operations, our client provides its customers with upscale technical support and educational services through a number of training centers equipped with dedicated simulation labs.


The solution’s main challenge was the high degree of detail and system customization, delivered by importing CAD models directly from the engineering system and connecting them to the actual control system. The oil-drilling simulation solution allows users to attain a high level of 3D model details and connect the simulation experience with real engineering constructions and processes, making the system highly flexible, scalable and adjustable.


Our customer was looking for a strategic technological partner with development centers located in Eastern Europe. Our company was selected for our strong expertise in Microsoft technologies, together with our extensive experience in the simulation and training industries. Our engineers collaborated with software developers on the customer side who spend several years developing a suite of advanced, 3D, real-time industrial software solutions. Utilizing strong subject matter expertise in-house while partnering with our company to build a dedicated software development team, our customer was able to achieve the extensive advantages of the near-shore outsourcing model while delivering complicated and time-sensitive engineering products. Among the numerous software engineering solutions developed by our engineers, the full-scale training simulator provides users with training and practical understanding of operations of the main drilling equipment, such as:

  • Operator console simulation
  • Electro and control system function
  • Interaction between the control system and drilling equipment
  • Single machine simulation
  • Hydraulic system training
  • Safety and troubleshooting simulation


The simulation tool gives our customer a unique opportunity to train their staff in rig-specific and critical operations. The simulator uses advanced software and high-quality animation technology to provide a detailed 3D visualization. CAD models of engineering equipment are imported directly to the simulator, providing an innovative solution for users to technically comprehend every piece of equipment on the rig.

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