On-Demand Printing Platform for Wholesale Chains

On-Demand Printing Platform for Wholesale Chains

Development of Web-Based, On-Demand Document Printing Platform for One of the Largest Wholesale and Warehouse Chains in the World


The customer is one of the largest membership warehouse chains in the world, with hundreds of locations distributed worldwide. A well-designed, multi-functional printing solution provides the ultimate user-friendly experience for the large cohort of members.


One of the main challenges was the development of the business solution as a modular, component-based platform upon which various client sites can be built. Another challenge is the functionality of supporting a wide range of printing options across a large number of customers, including clients that are being introduced to business printing.


Already having a strong subject matter expertise and a large group of software engineers in-house, our customer was seeking an experienced software development and IT outsourcing partner capable of providing a true extension of their existing teams of developers by employing a staff augmentation model. After a multi-staged selection process and reference check, the decision was made to work with our company due to our high competency in Microsoft technologies, strong reputation and industry insights. Within 4 weeks, our talent acquisition managers had recruited a fully dedicated development team designated for this multi-staged, long-term project. Bridging the ten-hour time difference between the development team in North America and our engineers in Ukraine, our customer was able to achieve the advantages of an extended day, employing the Agile SCRUM project management methodology.

The development stage was conducted for over 12 months by a fully dedicated team working from one of our development centers located strategically in Ukraine. Due to our software engineers’ high level of technical expertise and experience in the retail and wholesale industry, the project was delivered on time and within budget. Directly following the official launch, our engagement with the customer was extended for the development of the platform’s next version while support and performance tuning continued simultaneously.


Today’s on-demand printing platform is more flexible and more attractive to consumers than ever before. With robust functionality and numerous new, state-of-the-art features, the large volume of members can expand the wide range of printing capabilities for their marketing and promotional needs, leveraging a variety of printing products such as reports, presentations, business cards, letterhead, and forms.

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