Multi-platform Rich Media Reading Application

Multi-platform Rich Media Reading Application

Engineering Multi-platform Rich Media Reading Application for US-based Media and Publishing Company


Our client is a prominent US-based media and publishing company partnering with a number of well-known media conglomerates in areas of rich media management platform development. With an extensive portfolio of successful implementations, our customer is a true leader in the rich media market segment.


The company was taking continuous development efforts of a multi-platform, rich media reading application to target the large group of consumers representing various industries. The application had to provide a simple and intuitive approach to exploring rich media format reading, combining the integration of different media elements, such as interactive communications, atlases, 3D simulation, HD videos, virtual realities, high-resolution photos, extensive artwork, social networking, and more. Another challenge was the support of cloud-based, multi-device synchronization of content, such as notes, bookmarks and progress of reading.


Our customer was looking for a reliable technological partner with a diversified portfolio of technologies and extensive knowledge of the media and publishing industry. After a series of interviews and a number of pilot projects, the decision was made to engage in a long-term contract relationship with our company. Using a wide range of technologies and platforms, such as Microsoft technologies, iOS and Mac, and Rich Internet Applications, our engineers teamed with software developers on the customer’s side to deliver an award-winning media reading platform customized for a number of publishers and media companies.


Despite the complexity of the rich media platform architecture and pressure from the investors on the customer side, our engineers successfully delivered the portfolio of products on time and according to specifications. Significant cost savings were also achieved by the improved overall efficiency of the development process. As a result, our customer’s value proposition expanded to a family of state-of-the-art products with cloud-based synchronization features for a number of platforms, including:

  • Windows Desktop
  • Mac OS
  • iPhone/iPod
  • iPad
  • Android
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