Safety Management System for Hospitals

Safety Management System for Hospitals

Development of a Web-Based Safety Management System for a Large Central-European Chain of Hospitals


Our client is a chain of hospitals located in Central Europe, comprising over 80 hospitals and medical centers. Their special program for safety management offers a comprehensive overview of everything designed to improve patient safety in their hospitals.


In hospitals, patients may be unintentionally harmed by avoidable technical, organizational or human error. Mistakes are never entirely preventable, but the Safety Management System enables hospitals to focus on safety issues so that a risk of error is detected and repaired in time, preventing harm to the patient. The Safety Management System consists of ten areas for which compliances and government standards are set. An important challenge involved in the system is the maintenance of a safe and open culture in which health care providers feel free to report and share mistakes so that others can learn from them. Another challenge is engineering a system that hospitals can utilize to learn how to assess risks in advance. With the implementation of the Safety Management System, hospitals can access the foundation of a structural, concrete, testable and country-wide knowledge base designated for the safe care of patients.


In addition to our strong expertise in the healthcare industry, our engineers possess extensive knowledge in Microsoft technologies, chosen as the project’s development platform. For this reason, our company was strategically selected to lead the development and implementation of this highly complicated and vital project. Our engineers developed a software solution that continuously helps hospitals to identify risks, improve internal policies, and provide evaluation and adaptation. Among a number of modules, some key elements of the system include:

  • Early recognition and treatment of patients in critical conditions
  • Infection prevention after surgery
  • Medication verification
  • Prevention of high-risk medication incidents
  • Optimal care programs
  • Patient education
  • Safe care for children


The Safety Management System offers a comprehensive overview of everything designed to improve patient safety in the hospital. The system developed by our engineers collects and disseminates knowledge about patient safety and significantly contributes to the prevention of error. The system is an excellent addition to hospitals’ daily practice, as it facilitates developing and sharing an extensive knowledge base amongst hospitals, expert teams, practicing medical specialists, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

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