Staff Augmentation for Austrian IT Company

Staff Augmentation for Austrian IT Company

Staff Augmentation for a Leading Austrian IT Services and Communication Solutions Company


Conova Communications GmbH ( is an Austrian IT services company operating since 1988. They specialize in communications solutions and services in the areas of data warehousing, hosting and outsourcing, managed Cloud services, IT infrastructure and security.


Providing a wide range of communications solutions to a variety of large and medium-size companies across Europe, Conova constantly confronts a number of software development projects as part of the communication solutions they implement. Software development was not the company’s main focus, so they outsourced most of their software projects to independent software vendors. Due to a significant growth in these types of projects, the decision was made to partner with an offshore outsourcing company from Eastern Europe in order to augment their team with software engineers possessing specific skill-sets, and integrating them to work as a true extension of the internal team.


Ukraine seemed the best solution for Conova. Close proximity to Austria, no visa requirements for business travel, a large volume of IT professionals, significant cost savings - those were just a few reasons why this region was the best option. Conova selected Intego Group as a strategic outsourcing partner based on our impressive track record of successfully delivered projects in Europe, coupled with our solid reputation and the flexibility of our staff augmentation model. Our recruiters successfully acquired a team of highly professional software engineers specializing in Microsoft technologies. The main requirements for the staff were deep expertise in a variety of industries, strong mathematics skills, at least 5 years of experience in .NET technologies, and the ability to travel to Europe. Also, in order to better manage ongoing projects, business analysts with strong German and English language skills were hired in Ukraine to support this long-term software development initiative.


As the result of their long-term partnership with Intego Group, Conova successfully delivered a number of complex software projects that became essential to a variety of large-scale communication solutions. After 12 months of engagement, the contract was extended for another 24 months. Due to the exclusive features of our staff augmentation model, our customer gained transparency in communications, significant cost savings, improved service offering to their clients, filled the gap of required technological skills, and achieved an overall efficiency in internal operations.

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