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Collaborative Development Leveraged by Technology and Industry Expertise

Today’s highly competitive business environment demands that Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and technology companies provide quicker time-to-market product releases due to the constant evolution of new technologies. Being under pressure to deliver new features and products on the market, ISVs must constantly challenge the way in which they rebalance development priorities, lower total cost, and gain expertise unavailable in-house in order to accelerate revenue sources and increase shareholder value. This is where the role of unique long-term partnerships, built with a reputable and highly experienced outsourcing vendor, can play a vital role in overall business strategy success. Partnering with Intego Group you gain our long-term commitment to understanding the unique challenges of your industry and delivering sophisticated solutions which surpass original goals and expectations.

Clients, competence and industry expertise

We at Intego Group address ISVs’ major challenges by providing software development and IT outsourcing solutions that accelerate innovations, improve quality, and shorten time-to-market in order to generate sustainable growth while improving your company’s product margins. Whether your company is an early-staged, mid-sized, or large ISV or technology company, our contribution will help you increase efficiencies through economies of scale and solve complex R&D challenges. We’ve been serving ISVs and technology companies for over a decade, offering end-to-end outsourcing services in the following areas:

  • Software Product Development
  • IT Application Development and Integration
  • Maintenance and Support
  • SaaS Solutions Customization and Configuration
  • R&D Projects Solutions
  • Product Testing and Quality Assurance

Fluent in a wide range of major technologies such as Enterprise Java, Microsoft Technologies, LAMP, Rich Internet Applications, Mac and iOS and many others, our software engineers bring their deep knowledge and multi-industry expertise to the equation to better serve our clients and deliver state-of-the-art software products and IT solutions. We have developed a successful track record and domain expertise in a number of industry segments:

  • Consumer Products and Applications
  • Enterprise Software Products and IT Solutions
  • Internet Solutions and Web Portals
  • Security Services and Solutions
  • Mobile Products and Solutions
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Cloud-based Systems
  • Enhance domain expertise by distributing core/non-core activities
  • Quickly attain the required technology expertise currently unavailable in-house
  • Improve product quality via independent testing and quality control

Our focus on software engineering services for ISVs and technology companies requires a highly-skilled engineering workforce, exceptional knowledge of modern tools and methodologies, and professional project management approaches. For this purpose we’ve long been developing a culture focused on innovative and technological leadership, excellence in project management practices, and employing the most transparent and agile business models of customer engagement.

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