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The Route to Sustainable Digital Transformation

In recent years, the Media and Publishing industry has experienced a significant transformation across several areas due to the impact of what is often called “digital disruption.” This transformation finds consumers rapidly shifting toward new modes of digital behavior. Today, for example:

  • Amazon sells 105 eBooks for every 100 print books
  • 35 hours of video content are added every minute on YouTube
  • Over 100 tablet models are offered by over 50 vendors

To stay competitive, companies need to keep pace amid these fast-growing changes while also building sustainable and operationally efficient business models.

Intego Group advantage

Today’s consumers choose and consume the content they want in the way that they want it. From the industry side, each consumer should be viewed as a separate entity choosing the content experience across multiple platforms. To be on the cutting edge, companies in the industry need a transformation to a diverse portfolio of multiple revenue streams generated by different high-tech solutions. This is where a strategic long-term partnership with a reputable and experienced technology company may become the key solution to stay competitive. For this reason, companies representing various segments of the industry, from ISVs and technology companies to famous publishing holdings and media conglomerates, have chosen Intego Group to deliver sophisticated solutions across multiple platforms, such as:

  • Electronic Publishing
  • Entertainment Solutions
  • Broadcasting Solutions
  • Web Portals
  • Social Networking
  • Mobile Solutions

Our software engineers understand the solution that can lead your transformation for the digital ecosystem and deliver the content experience desired by consumers. Technologies we’ve been developing for over a decade help our customers to:

  • Increase efficiency of operations
  • Effectively deliver content
  • Capitalize on new opportunities

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