Simulation & Training

Engineering Lifelike Experience through Scientific Imagination

Three-dimensional simulation provides convincing and effective solutions for visual representation of the environment or special function of a machine or process visualization. Simulation applications allow user to operate freely in a virtual environment, manipulating objects, communicating with other users, and modeling real-time complex engineering processes. At Intego Group, we have highly professional and experienced 3D software engineers who can assist in the implementation of robust and dynamic 3D simulation solutions which may play a significant role in training, engineering and other critically important business areas.

Our competence and domain expertise

For over a decade our engineers have delivered state-of-the-art software solutions serving our top-notch clients from all around the globe. Our simulation projects provide a highly realistic and dynamic representation of complex technical functions, such as assembly, maintenance, and operation, to improve user experience and understanding in much shorter periods of time. We’ve implemented numerous projects simulating traditional hands-on training processes using 3D visualization, while simultaneously reducing the need for extensive physical implementation and optimizing travel and other operational costs.

With intelligent and interactive simulations, the solutions we’ve developed can meet training needs in engineering and manufacturing, oil and gas industries, educational and training services, and many others. We specialize in leveraging the productivity of modern technologies, such as Microsoft .NET, WPF, DirectX, OpenGL, physics engines, and others, for developing real-time interactive 3D applications in various areas:

  • Training solutions for complex engineering platforms
  • Virtual reality solutions
  • Multi-user training simulations with realistic physics
  • 3D CAD/GIS architectural visualizations
  • Land, air and sea simulations based on command/control scenarios
  • Virtual Earth solutions

Our customer portfolio includes leading engineering service providers, large manufacturers and computer-based training providers. Through our experience and strong track record in engineering 3D simulation solutions, we are able to provide a diverse set of service offerings that can enhance our customers’ value and supply an essential competitive advantage.

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