Transportation & Logistics

Innovative Solutions to Unlock Industry Challenges

As the price of fuel oil has significantly increased over the last decade, companies have begun in-depth evaluations of transportation costs, looking for opportunities to increase transportation efficiency and optimize logistics solutions. Such opportunities shift the focus onto increasing the company’s virtual capacity through the implementation of IT systems as the key solution for future growth and improved customer satisfaction. To maximize operational efficiency, companies in the transportation and logistics industry have considered exploring new software solutions and IT-enabled business processes, to ensure greater control and visibility of the transportation cycle while providing more efficient and predictable everyday operations. Intego Group helps companies in the industry leverage state-of-the-art technologies to innovatively and cost-effectively address their most challenging business needs.

Industry challenges and our advantage

The breakthrough in information technologies has made apparent a huge opportunity for the transportation and logistics industry. As a result, companies within the industry are jointly experiencing issues related to scalability, information efficiency, customer service, and operational effectiveness. Our engineers recognize these issues, having a strong technical background and a deep expertise in the industry. Our knowledge of specific transportation and logistics workflows, processes, systems, and technologies ensures our customers success at building long-term strategic partnerships to engineer sophisticated solutions, such as:

  • Dispatching Systems
  • Freight Management Systems
  • Route Optimization Solutions
  • Simulation and Training Solutions
  • Documentation Management Systems
  • Data-warehousing Solutions and Business Intelligence
  • Custom Applications and Web System Development

Our software engineering group is uniquely positioned not only to provide our customers with the tools, technologies, and processes that deliver complex and sophisticated IT solutions, but also to reengineer business processes by leveraging our professionals’ deep industry expertise.

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