Business Process Outsourcing

Driving Operational Improvements and Business Innovations

Traditionally, companies outsource business processes to achieve cost advantages or gain a higher efficiency of processes. But as outsourcing providers grow to be more mature and customers become more demanding, business process outsourcing (BPO) is starting to play a vital role in the overall corporate strategy of many leading organizations worldwide. BPO continues its evolution from being considered a short-term cost-cutting endeavor to being the key driver of long-term efficiency and sustainable growth, as well as an evolution from the outsourcing of single non-core tasks to multiple strategically critical processes demanding unique skill-sets and industry-specific knowledge.

At Intego Group, we understand our clients’ business and help them to improve process efficiency and operational effectiveness, while also reducing cost and improving quality. We provide flexible engagement models and deep technology expertise to deliver successful BPO projects to our many customers worldwide.

Adding visibility and efficiency while delivering strategic outcomes

Today, many leading enterprises rely on outsourcing partners to find innovative ways to help them solve a variety of business challenges and achieve competitive advantages. BPO is considered a valuable strategy for companies looking to gain high performance by achieving:

  • Full control over cost reduction
  • Collaborative partnership with an outsourcing vendor
  • Reduced risk factors
  • Increased transparency of operational processes

Intego Group helps leading organizations to leverage BPO as a strategy to extend their enterprises, thereby providing access to a highly professional pool of talents, flexible engagement models, strategically located delivery centers, and deep domain expertise. Our clients achieve a high level of operational efficiency by leveraging a number of benefits including:

  • Economy of Scale Long-term cost advantages coupled with staffing flexibility.
  • Business Risk Mitigation State-of-the-art secured infrastructure, strong IP protection, and deep expertise in corporate processes.
  • Recruiting and Retention World-class HR capabilities tailored to augment and retain the best professionals available on the local Ukrainian market.
  • Transparent Business Model A variety of engagement models directed toward building long-term partnership.
  • Strong Local Presence Deep knowledge and experience doing business in emerging economies such as Eastern Europe.

Business process outsourcing in Ukraine

For the last few years many multinational corporations have been relocating certain BPO functions to Eastern Europe. This increased activity is driven by a number of factors, including the availability of a well-educated workforce, lower labor cost compared to Western Europe and North America, favorable taxation, and many other incentives. Ukraine is considered among the most attractive locations for IT and Business Process outsourcing for a number of reasons, including:

  • Significant size of the local workforce
  • Large number of good universities
  • Strong R&D background
  • Low labor cost
  • Low cost of real estate and cost of doing business
  • Government support of the outsourcing industry
  • Good protection of Intellectual Property
  • A well-educated, English-speaking workforce

Interest from leading corporations looking to set up BPO operations in Ukraine is expected to grow. This is where our company’s strategic presence on the Ukrainian market for over a decade as well as our strong reputation as a reliable employer and trustworthy partner have brought many of our clients success in achieving long-term goals and strategic outcomes. At Intego Group, we are committed to providing a high level of innovation, which contributes to our customers’ success and brings new drivers to their business perspectives.

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