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A True Extension of Your Brand and Corporate Philosophy

The growth explosion of the global outsourcing market in Ukraine takes full advantage of the large, cost-effective, and highly educated labor force that Ukraine has to offer. Foreign companies eager to stay competitive in today's changing markets are coming to Ukraine in growing numbers to gain access to the valuable workforce assets.

In order for any foreign company to be a success in the global outsourcing market, they need a qualified and well-connected local partner to help them understand local social and business cultures, and to help them better connect with Ukraine's vast labor pool.

Intego Group is the market leader in this field, helping foreign companies operating in Ukraine achieve their goals. Regardless of whether you are looking for simple assistance building a local team in Ukraine or need an experienced and qualified partner to help you implement your entire Ukrainian market strategy, Intego Group has a breadth of services available for you.

Our role is to build mutual confidence through trust, bridging the cultural gaps

Captive Centers play a very important role in offshore outsourcing. Understandably, many companies are using Captive Centers to preserve direct control and protect intellectual property with the main advantage of having a tool to professionally control expenses and costs in business developments.

A Captive Center may be the best option where proprietary issues, operational and management control, and risk ownership are important and/or the client has a long-term commitment to the region, and where the business is looking to develop an additional profit center.

Captive Offshore Delivery Centers are setup by global companies to achieve:

  • Full control over operations and governance
  • Lowest operational cost based on scale of operations
  • Desired quality as per your own global standards
  • Long-term growth plans
  • Own human capital

From a business standpoint, Captive Centers are wholly-owned entities that provide services to a parent organization. The centers provide a controlled environment that minimizes the security risks to valuable intellectual property and confidential information, and allows parent organizations to retain ownership of any intellectual property generated in a foreign location.

Captive center engagement models

The most common reasons why a client organization chooses to build an offshore Captive Center are that the firm wants to exercise control over the operation; the organization believes it can accomplish a lower-cost model on its own rather than by outsourcing to a third-party; it has security or IP concerns; or it cannot find an existing third-party service provider to fulfill its service requirements. Choosing Intego Group as an outsourcing partner, you can be sure that our goal is to provide the most flexible and transparent engagement process to guarantee long-term commitment and potential growth.

We implement a variety of engagement models such as:

  • ODC (Offshore Dedicated Center) This model is extremely popular among organizations who are comfortable in the management of technology development and innovation, and who look to offshoring as an extension of their diversification strategies. Companies use these centers to gain access to specialized labor and resource pools, and to maintain focus on operational success while all setup-related issues are managed by Intego Group.
  • B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer) This model is designed for clients who seek to focus on other strategic areas of businesses while bringing new service offerings to the market. We help the client set up the Captive Center from start to finish. Our management team builds and operates the Captive Center for a period of time before ownership is transferred to the parent. This model also gives the client an opportunity to get the Captive Center built and operated as per specific needs, as well as to set up the processes in various stages to suit the parent company’s business needs.
  • JV (Joint Venture) This model is also known as an alliance or partnership. The parent organization partners with Intego Group by forming an independent company in which each company contributes resources. The goal is to work toward a "win-win" deal where both organizations hope to benefit from the other's strengths. A strategic partnership with several key players can raise impenetrable walls, keeping out competitors and maintaining high profit margins.
  • ABO (Assisted Built-Out) This model best fits the needs of international companies who have long-term goals with a large volume of work to be outsourced. Here, Intego Group uses education and government connections to support the development of very narrow, specific niche resources with a long-term engagement. This concept-heavy swing toward global outsourcing is largely driven by a lack of skilled resources in high demand in the global economy.
ODC (Offshore Dedicated Center)B-O-T (Build-Operate-Transfer)JV (Joint Venture)ABO (Assisted Build-out)
Captive's staffUp to 5050-100100+Strategic decision
Terms of needs12-36 months3-5 years5+ yearsStrategic decision

The Captive Center Model requires a higher level of engagement from the parent organization as compared to third-party vendor relationships. The Intego Group management team will perform all back office management activities and act as the liaison between the parent organization and the Captive Center. Intego Group will not interfere in the processes that the parent company establishes; instead, it will help make the engagement more successful by coaching both sides on best practices.

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