Dedicated Team

A Reliable Turnkey Solution for a Global Delivery Model

While no two customers are alike, many face similar problems and share common goals. And although no two engagement solutions are approached in the same way, our clients can benefit from the previous experience Intego Group has accumulated across over a decade of operations. Building Dedicated Teams of software engineers working for you from one of our development centers strategically located in Ukraine may prove an excellent way to enhance your business with top-quality professionals, procured exactly as per your unique requirements and business objectives. Our proven track record of establishing dedicated teams for leading enterprises across a variety of industries, alongside our "no two customers alike" approach, have enabled us to create a framework ensuring successful long-term relationships with our clients.

Establishing client-owned dedicated teams in Eastern Europe

Clients come to Intego Group for proven outsourcing solutions delivered as cost-effectively as possible. They come to leverage our engineers’ deep industry expertise and solid technological background by establishing client-owned, dedicated teams that enable our customers to achieve improved speed-to-market, greater efficiency, and enhanced productivity. The Dedicated Team model is global, collaborative, and capable of delivering high-value business and technology solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs and objectives.

Your Dedicated Team is a group of highly professional software engineers, augmented in accordance with your unique technological and business needs, located in one of our development centers in Ukraine. This interactive team acts as a virtual extension of your in-house staff, understanding your business priorities and recognizing how to effectively respond to your goals and objectives.

Key characteristics of the Dedicated Team model include:

  • 100% dedicated resources
  • Talent acquisition based on your requirements
  • Transparent communications and processes
  • Full-Time Employee basis
  • Long-term relationships
  • Annually renewable partnership
  • Privacy, confidentiality, and data security
  • Back office operations handled by Intego Group while our customer manages the project

Hiring Dedicated Teams is the right decision for companies who want to focus on their core business activities. Committed to the success on delivery of every software project, our engineers can play a crucial role in your business strategy by providing a wide range of technological skills and multi-industry experience.

Achieving high performance by delivering unique benefits

A Dedicated Team is an excellent solution if you need complete control over the human and technological resources involved in the software development process. This outsourcing model provides a great degree of control, transparency, security, and flexibility. A Dedicated Team can easily be integrated within your existing in-house teams, or can work as a separate extension of your business. We offer a time-proven, individually adjusted outsourcing partnership that will deliver a number of unique benefits, such as:

  • Cost advantages Engaging highly professional engineers from Eastern Europe can provide up to 30-40% savings compared to the cost of on-shore resources.
  • Increased speed-to-market Having a strong reputation as a reliable employer in the local Ukrainian market, we guarantee fast recruiting according to your specific requirements.
  • Unique skill-set Eastern Europe is one of the hottest high-tech destinations in the world with a variety of engineering skills available on a market.
  • Direct control The Dedicated Team approach provides full control over technological and management decisions made according to your project needs and business objectives.
  • Security and IP protection We are committed to establishing a highly secure and confidential development environment to guarantee that all business and project data is protected and secure.
  • Focus on profit and productivity Our role as an outsourcing partner is to ensure that your dedicated IT professionals focus solely on project deliverables while all back-office operations are managed by the Intego Group team.

Whether building a custom product or packaged software solutions, migrating software application to another platform or providing high-value consulting services, our commitment to our customer’s success will help you focus on both the business results that you need to deliver and how these results can best be implemented. At Intego Group, we understand your needs and are committed to providing you with the best and most flexible solutions that will meet your unique challenges and boost your business outcomes.

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