Project Outsourcing

A True Long-Term Partnership Starts from Sharing Risks and Rewards

The rapid growth experienced in the IT industry over the last several years has driven technology companies to launch new products, extend functionality of existing solutions, and adapt new platforms and business models on a regular basis. To stay competitive, companies in the industry must always have a strong technological partner who they can engage using a variety of flexible business models. Project outsourcing is one of the solutions many organizations choose when project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined, allowing progress monitoring by agreed-upon benchmarks. With this outsourcing model, Intego Group holds responsibility for development risks, while letting our clients retain full control over business strategy and project outcomes.

Delivering success through transparency and flexibility

At Intego Group, we believe that engagement with each customer is a unique endeavor in which the transparency and flexibility of our outsourcing models are essential to the development of long-term relationships. Engaging in a project-based model, we work with our customers to carefully define each project’s scope and timelines. We then follow the project plan, presenting the final deliverables on time for the agreed-upon price while maintaining transparent communication and an open development environment. This process requires that Intego Group possess manpower with the necessary technological skills and industry background to accomplish the tasks involved. Consequently, rather than focusing on project deliverables, our customers can pay greater attention to business outcomes and other strategic issues.

Moving forward with project-based outsourcing, our customers gain better outcomes in the following business scenarios:

  • Pilot project Starting long-term outsourcing partnerships from a pilot project-based engagement offers you an opportunity to try Intego Group as a vendor, see if outsourcing is right for your organization, and achieve significant cost benefits.
  • Missing skills in-house While keeping your core expertise in-house, you may significantly enhance your current strategy by involving an outsourcing partner to expand your current technological and industry skill-sets.
  • Clearly defined requirements Even with strong expertise in-house, if your project requirements and deliverables are clearly defined, you may obtain significant cost advantages by outsourcing software development to Intego Group.
  • Technology risk transfer In a situation with significant technological risk involved, outsourcing project development to Intego Group can become an exceptional option and provide a unique skill-set coupled with strong technological expertise of our engineers.
  • Outsourcing is not a strategy Sometimes you just need the work to be done and strategy is not as important as high quality, constrained timelines, and cost reduction. This is where our project-based engagement model is right for your needs.

We place the highest priority on the flexibility of our engagement models, providing a wide range of business models, a transparent development environment, and flexible pricing options. For project-based outsourcing, we offer three pricing models to fit your needs in almost any business situation:

  • Time and Material This is an effort-based pricing model where cost is associated with total project efforts reported by allocated resources based on an agreed-upon hourly rate. This pricing model provides you with the flexibility to adjust project scope on an ongoing basis while maintaining control over cost and resources.
  • Fixed Price This pricing model keeps the cost of development fixed while project requirements remain the same. Fixed Price engagement typically corresponds to project milestones, providing flexibility and greater control over development.
  • Mixed Cost Structure In many cases a combination of Fixed Price and Time and Material pricing models may provide better outcomes, especially in cases with large projects broken up into phases with potential scope changes.

Our project-based outsourcing model has a successful track record of delivering results that work. Our engineers can be involved at any stage of the software development cycle - we can start from early stages of project conceptualization and prototyping or get involved in the implementation and/or maintenance of a project already underway, contributing the deep technical expertise and skill-set required. In any client engagement we communicate as partners, taking ownership of our work and focusing on bringing exceptional value to our customers.

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