Staff Augmentation

Managing Fluctuating Skills and Critically Important Staffing Needs

While meeting the challenge of constant changes in IT industry, organizations face critical business issues in the staffing and resource allocation of IT professionals. At Intego Group, we understand the business decisions you make every day, and we are committed to providing customer-centric staff augmentation services to meet your resource allocation needs. We work closely with our customers to align your business drivers with staffing needs and ensure that we only engage the best IT professionals possessing a strong blend of technology and industry expertise. Our software engineers are committed to helping your internal teams deliver the outcomes your business environment requires.

Finding skilled IT professionals to match your business needs

Driving your staffing strategy with Intego Group, you can expect knowledgeable recruiters enthusiastically working with your team to identify, screen, and provide the best candidates to fit your specific requirements. We work closely with candidates to understand their personalities and experience in order to determine the best fit for the project and appropriate skill-set. Our commitment to ensuring that the needs and objectives of our customers and candidates are aligned guarantees long-term relationships and enduring business success.

Short-term or long-term, our staff augmentation services are dedicated to meeting your aggressive timelines by effectively managing fluctuating skill-sets and staffing needs. Serving our customers from all over the globe, our experience has highlighted the following business scenarios which may drive staff augmentation by an outsourcing model:

  • Scarcity of specific skills in-house The cost of adding new employees in-house to increase IT capacity is much higher in the long run compared with the significant savings provided by our offshore outsourcing model.
  • Trouble recruiting talents in specific location Our development centers are strategically located in Eastern Europe, with a reputation as one of the hottest technological hubs in the world offering a variety of technical skills.
  • Close interactions with internal teams are required Our business model is based on full transparency and deeply integrating offshore resources with our customers’ internal teams.
  • Flexibility of resource allocation and staffing needs Committed to developing long-term relationships with our customers, staff augmentation provides the flexibility to scale upward or downward to ensure successful outcomes of outsourcing engagements.
  • Transition from "black-box outsourcing" Being the dominant outsourcing model for a long time, "black-box outsourcing" earned a bad reputation from many organizations worldwide, making the transparency and flexibility of our staff augmentation model essential elements for many of our customers.

Benefits of the staff augmentation outsourcing model

When organizations realize that more IT experts are needed to deliver specific business outcomes, it becomes relatively straightforward to engage a professional technological partner with a strong reputation and a successful track record. This is where our knowledge and deep industry expertise, earned over more than a decade of successfully delivered projects, are essential for our customers. At Intego Group, we are committed to understanding your needs and providing a variety of benefits from our staff augmentation services:

  • Cost savings Working directly with our engineers from Ukraine, our customers achieve significant cost benefits due to avoidance of corporate overhead, not to mention a cost reduction of roughly 30-40% provided by the offshore location.
  • High level of control Our commitment to transparency and flexibility in every customer engagement provides a greater level of control over offshore resources specifically recruited according to our customers’ needs and business requirements.
  • Risk mitigation In comparison with other outsourcing models, such as "project-based outsourcing" or "black-box outsourcing", the risks of staff augmentation contracts are minimal due to the high level of control over offshore resources.
  • Access to specific skills In a scenario where an internal project team lacks unique and specific skills, staff augmentation provides flexibility in filling those gaps by recruiting highly professional engineers from Eastern Europe.
  • Decreased internal turnover Staff augmentation is typically better accepted by internal employees than the outsourcing of entire project development; internal employee turnover can thus be less influenced by the staff augmentation model.
  • Reduced employer burden Staff augmentation allows organizations to avoid the costs and liabilities associated with direct employees, plus it provides cost savings due to the avoidance of additional overhead expenses.
  • Speed-to-market Our development centers are strategically located in Eastern Europe, providing access to a large volume of highly professional software engineers while guaranteeing rapid recruitment and resulting in increased speed-to-market of project development.

The staff augmentation model allows you to concentrate your internal teams on core business activities and achieve significant cost savings - this model is all about opportunity cost and providing efficient solutions for managing scarce resources. Our ability to quickly recruit highly skilled IT professionals meeting your specific requirements ensures success and the development of long-term business relationships.

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