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Agile Software Development

An Innovative and Customer-Focused Approach Tailored
to Meet Changing Needs

To succeed in the market, companies constantly need new approaches to transform IT investments into the competitive advantages which may boost their revenue streams, significantly increase customers’ loyalty, and open new opportunities for their business. Addressing the new challenges involved and leveraging new business opportunities require new and more flexible methodologies of software development management.

Agile, with its iterative approach to developing software, has risen in popularity versus traditional methodologies due to its faster time to market, shorter release times, improved quality and better adaptability to changing business requirements. The Agile approach implemented by Intego Group reflects our commitment to customer needs, our responsiveness to changes, and our high level of adaptability, all of which may play vital roles in overall business strategy and customer commitment.

Driving business challenges with Agile

A dynamic business environment demands frequent changes in application requirements to meet growing customer expectations and the changing needs of the market. These frequent changes and the need for high adaptability render traditional models, such as waterfall, less suitable for software development. The benefits of traditional models begin to be realized only after a long application development cycle, such that a potential risk of expectations mismatch between original requirements and customer expectations may result in project failure.

The Agile-based model is different in that it helps companies achieve high performance by striking the right balance between changing needs and the software development environment. It incorporates a dedication to customer intimacy, improved quality, high visibility, and responsiveness to change. Implementing Agile with Intego Group, companies can meet strategic objectives, deliver business capabilities quickly, and meet changing needs with an iterative process that provides a variety of benefits:

  • Commitment to customer needs Customers are closely involved in all phases of development while team members are engaged throughout the product evolution.
  • Alignment with business needs Due to the iteratively structured approach, project delivery is constantly aligned with business objectives by allowing necessary adjustments and improved change management.
  • Predictability through frequent checkpoints Regular short-term evaluations of the project allow stakeholders to work within short timeframes, leveraging joint collaboration and improving predictability of success.
  • Improved quality and consistency Due to frequent iterations and improved predictability, project participants get involved quickly, react effectively, and deliver a higher level of quality.
  • Better visibility and responsiveness The client’s involvement in the development cycle coupled with frequent checkpoints avoid a potential risk of expectations mismatch and improve progress visibility.
  • Effective change management Due to flexibility and adaptability, frequent changes faced in the development process lead to improved outcomes rather than creating barriers or delays.
  • Quick Return on Investment Improved predictability and emphasis on customer intimacy allow the business to shorten their ROI timeframe and better align the project outcome with demanding business challenges.

What makes Intego Group a true leader in Agile software development

With the visibility which Agile provides to understand customers’ needs and the flexibility to make adjustments along the way, our customers’ demand for Agile-based development has grown extensively over the last five years.

Our engineers bring a full spectrum of solutions to the equation to help your business achieve high performance, leveraging best practices of Agile development (such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, test-driven deployment (TDD), and lean development) coupled with strong industry expertise. Our employment of an extensive portfolio of project management and collaboration tools alongside proven expertise in Agile methodologies offers complete transparency into our development process. Our Agile-based approach provides:

  • Comprehensive visibility and transparency of the software development cycle.
  • Continuous integration of business needs and customers’ expectations with project outcome.
  • Frequent and open communications among participants in order to prevent delays and control quality.
  • Regular project checkpoints supported with demonstrations to ensure that a project is on track.
  • Flexibility to adjust project scope and priorities due to high adaptability and effectiveness in responding to changes.
  • Effective project risk management resulting from short delivery cycles and reduced complexity within each cycle.
  • Full client control over the project and better cost management.

Our focus on understanding your business challenges, as well as our deep industry insights and proven success in Agile implementations, allow us to offer an optimal solution aligned with your business strategy and market trends. Employing Agile, we continuously accelerate the delivery of business values, thereby maximizing them throughout the software development cycle.

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