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Building Strategic Foundation for Maximizing Business Performance

Today, in a rapidly changing business climate, we see more leading organizations pushing the boundaries to achieve optimal outcomes from expanding innovations. Adopting clouds and SaaS is one of the latest innovation trends providing organizations with a fundamentally better approach to drive business transformation and improve performance of operations. The main reason for adopting clouds and SaaS is to help organizations achieve what is called “agile business foundations”, thereby enabling them to expand quickly in incremental steps.

At Intego Group, we strongly believe that clouds and SaaS will become a strategic element for IT infrastructure of future leading enterprises due to the infinite opportunities surrounding these innovative business models.

Helping leading organizations to accelerate value from cloud computing and SaaS

While enabling a dynamic and flexible approach for the deployment of scalable IT infrastructure, cloud and SaaS solutions are tremendously attractive as they support a fundamental transformation from a capital-intensive focus to an Agile operational model. Transformation toward cloud computing has the potential not only to optimize and accelerate internal business operations, but also to generate significant growth with faster product and service innovation, more flexibility to react to rapidly changing demand, and a reduced cost of implementations and maintenance.

When it comes to cloud and SaaS implementation, our strong expertise in a variety of industries, coupled with substantial experience and capabilities in implementing projects using leading platforms and solutions, make partnership with Intego Group critically important and extremely attractive. We have developed our expertise in cloud and SaaS by implementing projects using:

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – we acquired our experience through a variety of successfully delivered projects employing Java and LAMP technologies for the development of enterprise applications designed to run on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform.
  • Microsoft Windows Azure – having strong expertise in developing complex solutions using a wide range of Microsoft Technologies, we offer a unique opportunity to employ cloud computing utilizing the Windows Azure cloud platform.
  • Platform – focusing on social enterprises, our engineers have a deep knowledge in building applications that support built-in social and mobile functionality implemented on the cloud platform.

Our highly experienced software engineers have worked with industry-leading organizations from all over the globe to design, build, and support large-scale cloud solutions. At Intego Group, we understand SaaS and can help you implement new approaches in which cloud computing will deliver critical benefits to your organization.

Intego Group’s proven success with cloud and SaaS solutions

In the recent years of economic downturn, organizations have looked to optimize expenditures while maintaining focus on competitiveness and improved performance. This is where cloud computing and the SaaS model may bring essential value to your organization by transforming IT infrastructure to more commodity type services. It has the potential to transform a significant part of IT infrastructure, making software more attractive as a service and changing the approach to managing IT hardware.

Deploying a variety of cloud-based solutions for many clients in the industry, our customers obtain significant improvements in operational efficiency, add a great degree of control over distributed organizations, and achieve a number of critically important benefits, such as:

  • Cost saving with focus on core competency By working with Intego Group our customers gain significant cost savings due to the benefits of our engagement outsourcing models, while keeping core competency in-house.
  • Effective IT infrastructure management Cloud solutions implemented by our engineers provide a scalability of hardware infrastructure by accessing computational resources such as servers, network, and storage on an on-demand basis.
  • High level of security Our expertise with industry-leading cloud-based platforms ensures a high level of security for any sensitive data, as well as optimized cost due to the economy-of-scale effect.
  • Agile business transformation Partnering with Intego Group, our clients access a unique expertise in cloud and SaaS technologies which simplifies business strategy transformation by making operations transparent and flexible.
  • Improved focus on ROI Our extensive expertise in a variety of industries along with our strong technical background empowers our customers to maintain a tactical focus on strategic business outcomes while building a foundation for future competitiveness.

Moving to the cloud may become quite challenging. As you undergo this transformation you will want to have a strong technological partner with deep domain expertise and a proven track record. Our professional services for cloud and SaaS address all aspects of cloud technologies, providing you with agility while optimizing the cost of ownerships.

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