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Utilizing the Potential of Mobile Applications to Transform Business Strategy

A rapidly growing number of mobile users and the increasing popularity of wireless technology are driving organizations in different industries to capitalize on this new opportunity to transform their business strategy. New challenges brought by an increasingly mobile society are motivating organizations toward building the next generation of mobile organizations, shifting focus from short-term benefits to creating robust business value focused on achieving long-term transformation. Further, modern organizations are leveraging mobile technology to improve customers’ engagement, optimize business processes, enhance effectiveness and efficiency of overall business operations, and, as a result, facilitate broader transformations and ensure competiveness.

When implementing business transformations, organizations need a strong and experienced technological partner with a solid reputation and successful track record of engineering state-of-the-art mobile solutions. At Intego Group, we have a unique expertise developed in-house through the implementation of a massive number of award-winning solutions for a variety of mobile platforms and devices. Our extensive technical expertise coupled with our strong multi-industry background can turn into an essential element of your business strategy transformation.

Our strong hands-on experience and deep industry expertise

In recent years the mobile environment has witnessed streamlined growth and continuous innovation. Besides constant pressure to improve operational efficiency and increase business performance, many leading organizations are also challenged by customers’ powerful demand for new and innovative service offerings. At Intego Group, we understand how best to meet your needs and deliver cutting-edge mobile solutions to increase your current value proposition and transform your entire business strategy. We concentrate our best practices, providing a full spectrum of mobile engineering services, including:

  • Mobile Application Development and Maintenance
  • Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Rich Media Mobile Applications
  • GPS and Location-based Solutions
  • Sophisticated 3D Graphics Applications
  • R&D Product Engineering
  • Mobile Application Quality Assurance
  • Cloud-based Solutions

Serving clients from all over the world, we have developed a unique expertise and strong technological background, enabling us to design and engineer the most sophisticated and revolutionary solutions on nearly all existing mobile platforms. Following best practices and industry standards of software development, we offer expertise in a wide range of technologies and platforms, such as:

  • Apple iOS: Objective C, Cocoa, OpenGL, SQLLite
  • Google Android: Java, OpenGL, RenderScript, SQLLite
  • Windows phone: C#, Silverlight, XNA
  • RIM Blackberry: Java, ActionScript
  • Cross-platform: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, WebKit, PhoneGap, Titanium

Our advantages and best practices

Under constant pressure from the consumerization of the IT industry, organizations worldwide face a number of questions while developing a mobile strategy: What type of mobile development environment should be chosen? How should users access their data? What specific advantages of different mobile devices can be utilized to realize a better outcome? How best to optimize performance and deliver a unique user experience?

In their pursuit of the answers to these questions, many companies have chosen Intego Group because of our strong technical expertise and deep industry knowledge, as well as our successful track record of award-winning mobile applications that we’ve been developing for over a decade. Our engineering background together with our flexibility and transparency of engagement business models present an exclusive offering and a number of unique benefits, such as:

  • Improved performance and increased productivity Implementing a mobile strategy on an enterprise level, mobile applications may bring significant operational improvements and transform overall corporate business strategy.
  • Enhanced customer service and loyalty In the constant battle for highly demanding customers, mobile applications may play a vital role, delivering new horizons of user experience and an increased cohort of active users.
  • Agile development methodology Focusing on a collaborative environment and transparency of the software development process, our engineers employ best practices of Agile methodologies.
  • Reduced cost and increased time-to-market With our development centers strategically located in Ukraine, we are able to reduce the overall cost of software development while improving time-to-market due to in-house expertise and solid industry knowledge.

At Intego Group, we deliver business value throughout the entire mobile application development cycle, helping our clients to better engage with their customers, enhance operational effectiveness, and drive entire business strategy transformation.

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