Product Engineering

Achieving High Business Outcomes with Market-recognized Products

Being on the cutting edge of a highly competitive business environment, product companies must constantly evaluate new technologies and any advantages they may bring to the business strategy. Product companies are therefore always on the lookout to launch new features and improved products while seeking accelerated and cost-effective solutions.

Looking toward the next big implementation, you must confront a number of questions: How soon can you realistically expect the product to go live? What is it really going to cost to deliver the product? What risks may be involved, such as evolving technology, unexpected delays, and unfocused development? How can you best handle staffing problems when they arise?

To answer these and many other questions, Intego Group offers software product engineering services leveraging our unique assets, extensive industry knowledge, solid reputation, and strong technology expertise. We provide you with the bandwidth to scale up your product development strategy, thereby ensuring shorter development lifecycles, quicker time-to-market, enhanced quality, and lower development cost.

Ensuring reliability and high performance

Serving an extensive number of product companies in different industries for over decade, we’ve earned a successful track record of developing intellectual property. With the combination of deep technology expertise and solid industry experience we offer, product companies gain greater value through adaptability and customization that meets specific business needs. Grounded in deep understanding of the business process, our value proposition is framed within the right combination of technology and business skills that will help you achieve better business outcomes.

Our offering supplies product companies with scalable teams of professional engineers with strong expertise in different technologies, platforms, and devices, supported by extensive methodologies and tools, including:

  • Customer-centric development We ensure that development is tied to your business outcomes, placing high priorities on quality, on-time delivery, product reliability, and response time.
  • Collaborative development environment Our engagement models are flexible and adaptive to ensure long-term relationships, optimal cost structure, improved quality, and optimal bandwidth.
  • Distributed Agile methodologies With an extensive number of Agile implementations, we ensure a responsively adapting product development lifecycle, minimized development time, improved predictability of features, and increased speed-to-market.
  • Innovative Development Our strong technical expertise places our offering on the cutting edge of evolving technologies, adopting advances such as cloud computing, Software as a Service, mobility, social networks, and many others.

To achieve cost reduction, product innovation, and high performance, we offer product development partnerships to our customers leveraging our distinctive engineering approaches. We offer a breadth of services in critical software product domains, across all stages of the product development lifecycle, from concept creation to product extension development. Our core focus and expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Product research and conceptualization
  • Architecture selection and platform-oriented design
  • User Interface prototyping
  • Product localization and look/feel compatibility
  • Product customization and implementation
  • Product platform porting and programming language migration
  • Operating system and database migration
  • Platform migration (.NET, J2EE, mobile, etc.)
  • Cross-platform integration
  • Product extension development

Our advantages in delivering market-recognized software

Our engineers have been developing market-leading products for more than a decade, delivering cost-effective, high quality, and low-risk business outcomes. We take responsibility for delivering and sustaining your products while entering every stage of the development lifecycle. Well-architectured and functionality-rich, our products cement your business strategy, leveraging modern and innovative approaches. Whatever the requirements of your products, we bring the right combination of technology insights and industry background, delivering the full range of business benefits such as:

  • Enhanced Predictability Our successful track record of delivering market-recognized software products, coupled with solid technology expertise and a distributed Agile model, enable us to commit to improved predictability of business outcomes, such as delivery time, scope compliance, reduced development cost, and a high level of quality.
  • Increased Time-to-Market Due to our strong technological expertise and extensive industry experience, we can engage in design, build, and run phases much faster than other outsourcing providers and IT companies do.
  • Accelerated Productivity Being involved in early stages of the development lifecycle, our engineers have an opportunity to integrate their knowledge and expertise with a product design which ensures increased productivity across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Improved Quality With our broad expertise in quality assurance and the participation of quality engineers in early stages of development, we ensure high product quality due to a variety of integrated processes covering installation, deployment configuration, acceptance, localization, performance, and automated testing.
  • Reduced Cost Our involvement from design through the entire development life cycle can drive extremely significant cost reductions. With our development centers strategically located in Eastern Europe, plus our solid experience in product development, we may achieve up to 50% savings in the total development cost.

We offer the right combination of technical knowledge and industry insights to help our customers achieve better business outcomes and bring cutting-edge transformations. It is our commitment to help you shorten your product development life cycle, accelerate time-to-market, lower development costs, and improve product quality.

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