Software Quality Assurance

Accelerating Strategic and Tactical Testing Experience

In response to the everyday, highly competitive business environment, organizations constantly seek to launch new products and solutions with a high degree of agility and efficiency. And with rapid technology evolution and customer demand transformation, organizations look to increase engineering bandwidth to focus on core activities. Therefore, to stay competitive, companies demand a reliable testing partner capable of providing a full range of testing services embedded in each phase of the software development lifecycle - from planning and designing to building and deploying. Intego Group can deliver increased testing productivity in a cost-effective way, while focusing on long-term commitment to our clients and flexible outsourcing models.

Innovative testing experience throughout the software development lifecycle

We’ve been providing end-to-end quality assurance and testing services to our clients all around the globe since 1999, by combining highly-skilled and experienced QA engineers with established processes, leading tools, and solutions. We can deliver significant cost reductions, enhanced quality, and improved scalability while achieving economy of scale and enhanced efficiency. Our strategy is focused on quality throughout the software development lifecycle in order to ensure that products and solutions are launched more rapidly and with a better Return on Investment. Leveraging a solid base of testing capabilities, we focus our offerings on a number of critical areas:

  • Strong competency in both manual as well as test automation services
  • Extensive experience in open source technologies and commercial tools
  • Strong expertise in platform certification, localization, and internationalization
  • Broad experience in continuous support, problem analysis, and bug fixing
  • Solid knowledge base in a variety of tools and solutions for bug tracking, test automation, and quality management

As part of our commitment to improved quality in each phase of the software development lifecycle, our quality engineers play a vital role within the development process, providing a wide range of testing services:

  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Accessibility and Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing (Stress, Load, Stability, Memory Leaks, Benchmarks, etc.)
  • User Interface and Usability Testing
  • Installation and Configuration Testing
  • Localization and Internationalization Testing
  • Integration and Security Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression and Release Testing
  • Unit, Multi-unit, and Functional Testing
  • Migration from Manual to Automated Testing
  • Mobile and Cloud Testing

Key advantages of our testing capabilities

Our quality engineers’ strong technical backgrounds, along with their extensive knowledge in a variety of industries, allow us to provide faster, more focused testing services for industry-specific software applications. Moreover, we believe that a deep understanding of the industry-specific insights also improves predictability of implementations, making the environment less risky while improving quality and productivity. Our strong reputation, proven methodologies, and tools combined with our talented engineers offer our customers a wide range of benefits:

  • Increased Bandwidth By utilizing an outsourcing partner with industry-specific testing experience you gain increased scale throughout the overall software development lifecycle.
  • Reduced Total Cost Our strong expertise, strategic location in Ukraine and solid testing capabilities ensure a reduction in total cost due to elimination of the "poor quality" factor.
  • Increased Return on Investment As a result of the test centralization, optimized processes, flexibility, and transparency of our engagement models, we ensure improved ROI.
  • Improved Speed-to-market Employing testing capabilities in each phase of the software development lifecycle allows us to launch new products and solutions to market much more rapidly.
  • Reduced Testing Cycle Our solid expertise in test automation methodologies and tools assures a reduced regression testing cycle.
  • Focused Testing The industry-specific knowledge of our highly professional quality engineers helps us better understand your business and deliver faster, industry-focused testing capabilities.

At Intego Group, we believe that the right implementation of quality assurance and testing can help improve your company’s financial outcomes through significant cost reductions and improved time-to-market. To achieve this, we have an extensive offering incorporating the delivery of quality improvements, flexible outsourcing models, and assured increases in productivity.

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