Rich Internet Applications

Enhancing User Experience and Performance of Web Solutions

With the significant growth of technologies and increased competition between web solutions and services, end-users have become increasingly demanding, consistently expecting more from web applications. This is where Rich Internet Applications (RIA) come in, allowing software applications to enhance user experience, provide usability and responsiveness to client/server web solutions, and deliver the "Wow!" factor to even a traditional web interface. RIA technologies provide the power and performance of desktop applications brought to users’ browsers, making web solutions more dynamic, interactive, and functional. Pairing the right set of web development tools together with the strong technical background and expertise of our engineers, RIA technologies offer dramatic improvements in web solutions’ overall performance.

Our advantage

Our software engineers, with abundant experience in RIA technologies, enable our clients to effectively communicate and deliver their ideas to their customers. Due to our strong R&D focus and constant research into various technologies used to implement RIA enhancements, our engineers can provide our multi-profiled customers with such state-of-the-art web solutions as:

  • Rich User Interface Websites
  • Web-based Portals
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Enterprise Business Applications
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Solutions

By enhancing data performance with attractive visual effects, rich graphics, and smooth integration with a web-based solution backend, our engineers can provide a much better user experience across diverse implementations in a variety of industries.

For more than a decade now, our software professionals have been involved in projects all over the globe using the most sophisticated tools and solutions. During the software development process, our engineers employ best practices and industry standards for software code development, utilizing a large number of collaboration tools. We develop enhanced web applications using a wide range of modern RIA technologies, including but not limited to:

Adobe Technologies: Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, Action Script 3.0

Microsoft Technologies: Microsoft WPF, Microsoft Silverlight

Advanced Technologies: JavaScript, AJAX, HTML5, JavaFX, Responsive web-design

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