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“I was skeptical when we engaged with Intego Group back in 2008. My experience outsourcing to India and Argentina didn’t meet my expectations. However, the people from Ukraine have done a fantastic job! Proved to be highly professional engineers, and the quality of code they write is just amazing. The Intego Group team does their job very well, and we look forward to continued team efforts on future projects.”

Chief Technology Officer, Leading US-based Financial Service Provider

“It was one of the most complicated projects in my staff’s experience: five teams of software developers distributed all over the globe, very tight terms and conditions of the contract, and high turnover on the project. I needed to have core team – the team I can rely on. And Intego Group became my dream team, not just delivering their own milestones on time, but also covering my back when other teams failed.”

Regional Branch Manager, Well-known Media Agency

“The reason we considered Ukraine as an outsourcing destination was our experience in dealing with India where we have 30% employee turnover. We visited the Intego Group facilities in Ukraine, met the people, talked to the management team, and interviewed potential candidates. And it seems that we’re in the right time, right place and with the right people. We look forward to extending our relationships with Intego Group.”

Strategic Resourcing Lead, Global Fortune 500 Healthcare Company

“It doesn’t feel like Intego Group team is outside of the US. To me, it feels like they are just on the East Coast of the States, while I’m on the West Coast. Daily communications, strong technical expertise, transparency in management – those are just a few things that make me feel comfortable in dealing with Intego Group. To me, there is no line where my team in the US ends and my team in Ukraine begins.”

Engagement Manager, Global Provider of Professional Resourcing Services

“When it comes to delivering projects on time, on budget and with high quality – this is the comfort zone for the Intego Group engineers. They are hungry for innovative ideas and eager to improve efficiency of any piece of code they produce. I know that if they promise, they will deliver.”

Chief Operating Officer, North American Technology Company

“I’ve been very impressed by the dedication and professionalism of the Intego Group software engineers. They offered us the right combination of technical expertise, industry knowledge and cost effectiveness that has enhanced our own software development efforts. After two years of our cooperation, they are now an essential part of our future.”

Executive Vice President of Development, North American ISV

“Intego Group has been with us for so long that their software engineers broadly understand our business, know industry insights and speak the same language. They are an essential part of our engineering team and we rely on them in every day of our operations”.

LOB Manager, Oil Service Company

“We have chosen Intego Group as a strategic outsourcing partner based on highly positive references and flexibility of their engagement model. They built us multiple teams of highly professional software developers who helped deliver a number of critically important projects onto the market. Choosing Intego Group, in my opinion, was one of the best strategic decisions we made last year.”

PMO Manager, Leading Digital Imaging Software Company