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Remote staffing from the tech-centric, forward-thinking European country of Ukraine
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Service & Quality
At Intego, we know it’s all about people.
That’s why we recruit and staff teams of scholarly engineers, coders, software designers, QA’s, problem solvers, math whizzes and scientists. Specifically for you
Why Ukraine?
Staff Retention
The feeling is mutual.

With a 96% staff retention rate, you benefit directly with across-the-board efficiencies, continuity, trust and shared appreciation. And our client satisfaction rate is even higher – 99%

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Saving without sacrificing.

The formula is simple. Couple top talent from the Ukraine with an environment that allows them to thrive. Then watch the cost/benefit ratio climb in your favor

Our Stories
The most telling question in remote staffing is, “Who?” So, get to know us. We’d love to get to know you
Metrics of Success
  • 40% Savings Remote staffing with Intego immediately saves you time and money
  • 96% Staff Retention Benefit from continuity and across-the-board efficiencies
  • Best-in-Class Talent in the Ukraine is some of the world’s best — considered the 4th most educated nation in the world
  • We Manage, You Lead We foster an environment for success. You stay in charge of your project
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Check out the latest news in remote staffing from the Ukraine. Including white papers, articles, talent profiles and more.
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