3 Areas our Service Model Helps You Achieve Your Company’s Goals

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Goals inspire us, they give us a target, and they bring people together.    To hit these goals it’s important for any business to have:

  1. The right people in place
  2. A clear understanding of what the goals are
  3. Strong communication throughout the process.

Understanding the importance of these 3 areas, our company has built a solid foundation as an offshore staffing provider to deliver a service model that is attentive to each of these expectations.

Finding the Right People with Efficiency

The database and reputation that we’ve built allows us to recruit the right people quickly and get you the team you need to achieve your goals.  Our recruiters have a positive reputation with candidates in the local area that has been developing for more than a decade.  We’ve interviewed thousands of incredible people, and while not all have won the job they interviewed for, we know that down the road there is always the possibility that another client will have an opening for someone with their exact skillsets and characteristics.

You’re the Technical Lead

Your team is structured in a way that keeps communication simple and effective.  Our offshore staffing service model gives you the control to lead your team the way you want, so you can achieve best results.

Built for Strong Communication

Guiding a team from a remote location can often feel like a recipe of miscommunication and expected loss.  With you at the lead, we focus our attention at making sure everything else is being handled so that miscommunication and/or loss is prevented as much as humanly possible.  We build the teams for our clients upon an already strong corporate culture.  We provide all the necessary means of hardware and software tools for communication, access to multiple video conference rooms and a team of Engagement Managers to ensure that any hiccup in communication is quickly picked up on and resolved.

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Fun Facts:

  • 70% of the developers we hire have a Masters Degree
  • 10% of the developers we hire have a PhD
  • We boast a 96% employee retention rate
  • 75% of the developers have been working for the same client for 3-7 years
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