Finding Software Developers in Ukraine

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Outsourcing to Eastern Europe

While outsourcing to Eastern Europe continues to rise, it’s best to know how companies can take advantage of hiring software developers in places such as Ukraine.

Understanding the Culture of Ukraine

Each of the top outsourcing countries present different opportunities that companies can take advantage of.  Ukraine for instance is closer to western culture and is known for their drive towards STEM education, primarily in math and science.   The developers you’ll find are more likely to approach the outsourcing relationship with more of a problem solving and collaborative effort then, say, a “yes-man” approach, which can lead to wasted hours spent developing in the wrong direction.

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Recruiting in Ukraine

Unlike traditional outsourcing services, we do not carry a bench.  All developers onsite have been hired by our clients and work for them full time.  While each developer has been interviewed and approved by our clients, all the recruiting and prescreening of each candidate is done beforehand, by our team, relieving the client’s involvement of having to hunt and find the right person.  Knowing the local market, our recruiters understand the landscape, maintain a pipeline of available candidates, have credibility in the community and can meet the candidates face to face to prescreen.

Hiring Software Developers in Ukraine

Once the client makes their decision on who they want to hire, the developer is brought on and given everything they need to be successful.  Our experienced onsite teams of HR Management and Engagement Managers are there to ensure that we provide best-in-class working environments that include dedicated working spaces, video conference rooms, necessary computers and software, team building exercises (if you have a team), payroll management, vacation and health benefits, English courses, and much more.

The office spaces we have in Ukraine are known as Captive Centers.  They provide all of the above, including a secure infrastructure built to corporate standards.

To find out more about our Captive Centers, view our infograph on “How to Identify a Quality Captive Center<

Better Results in Less Time

In a culture where education and commitment are a top priority it’s important to know that Ukrainian developers are driven to cutting edge technologies in their industry and enjoy long term business relationships with employers.  As mentioned above, Ukraine’s focus on Math and Science as a culture leads to more of a collaborative and problem solving approach.  If projects can be improved or show signs of heading in the wrong direction, your development team are more likely to catch it ahead of time saving you time and money in the development process.  This is great news for businesses that are committed to technology excellence.

For more insight on Outsourcing to Ukraine, you can also view our infograph “Why Outsource to Ukraine

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