Intego Group Gives Presentation on Big Data at a University in Ukraine

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Intego Group’s involvement in providing offshore Clinical SAS teams for the Pharma Industry has produced incredible results for both our clients, our company, and most importantly, the individuals directly involved in the daily operations of statistical analysis.

Preview of Presentation

Irina Kotenko, the Project and Technical Manager for a large team of Bio-statistical Engineers at Intego Group, has found herself at the point of interest for giving speeches on the industry at various Pharma and SAS conventions.  Her leadership and knowledge of the industry has not only put her in the spotlight, but also shines a bright light on Ukraine itself, as a specific global region for finding Statistical Engineers.

In a recent speech given at Karazin Winter School, Irina spoke on Data Analysis in front of a group of students who are pursuing a career in Big Data.

Big Data Topics Included:

  • What is considered Big Data and how it differs from the idea of relational data bases
  • A brief history on the background of Big Data
  • 3 key points around Big Data, including Volume, Velocity, and Variety
  • A discussion on the 8 zettabytes of electronic information that is expected by the end of 2015 and that every 1 minute, tons of information is generated and it’s not always numbers or words, but images and video
  • A brief overview on the phases of Clinical Trials and where they get the Big Data.

Below is her speech (given in Russian) which was recorded by IT Cluster

Full Speech on Big Data

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of the developers we hire have a Masters Degree
  • 10% of the developers we hire have a PhD
  • We boast a 96% employee retention rate
  • 75% of the developers have been working for the same client for 3-7 years
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