Intego Group Team Building Activity at Artem Park

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Over the years at Intego Group, our investment in team building activities has paid off with the success of the dedicated software development teams we staff for our clients. The latest activity took place this past Sunday where we held a team building retreat to help the students in the biostatistics university program have a little fun while building connections.

Activities were held at Artem Park, one of the largest parks in Kharkiv. When the group arrived they were separated into two different teams – red and green. They then worked together to create their unique flags. The two teams began by playing a game called “throw a stone” which required them to battle it out for the highest score. Once completed they ventured on to the tree obstacle course where they climbed to the top by crossing floating steps and the only way down was through zip-lining!

Daniil and Irina were the team captains and did an amazing job hosting the event.

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