Statistical Programmer at Intego Group Receives Client Award

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Viktoriia is a rising star at Intego Group and her career has only just begun.  A recent graduate of our BioStat Center Program at Kharkiv National University, she is currently interning as a Statistical Programmer for our Pharma client.

Viktoriia received high praise and feedback for her outstanding contributions to her team that far exceeded any expectations for someone with her limited experience.  She was given an award by our Pharma client for best in performance/contingency as a result of her contributions over the past 10 months.

During her first 4 months on the job, Viktoriia did double programming and spot mistakes in specification of VADs and received specials thanks for her complex programming of ALB Validation.  Her eagerness to perform complex code review for outputs as well as first line programming did not go unnoticed.  The project would not have been possible without her commitment.

Following this excellent performance, Viktoriia stepped up again.  Over the next couple of months, she was asked to jump into the validation of several outputs that were falling behind their completion date.  Her adaptability and reactivity was key to catching up the delay.  Her continuous ability to understand what was expected and reliability to do a high quality job, in an efficient manner, has been incredibly impressive, especially for a Statistical Programmer – Level 1.

Her knowledge is centered around statistics and statistical packages e.g. mathematics, SAS, SAS Stat, SAS Graph; Base certificate for SAS 9; Theoretical and practical experience with CDISC standard (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium); familiar with ICH & GCP.

Tied in with Viktoriia’s recent success, she was invited to speak at PharmaSUG 2016 taking place in Denver Colorado from May 8th – 11th

When I heard about Viktoriia and the waves she was making, I reached out to learn more about her.

1622408_1595265690704499_7504987759367866979_oME: Where did you grow up?

VIKTORIIA: I was born in the mining city, Antrasyt, in Eastern Ukraine, where I spent my whole childhood.

ME: What kind of music do you like?  What artists?

VIKTORIIA: Mostly I listen to rock music: Muse, NickelBack, Imagine Dragons, Poets of the Fall

ME: What are your top 3 favorite movies?

VIKTORIIA: Gone with the Wind, Butterfly Effect, The Game

ME: Ok, now for some more serious questions!  Why did she choose to work in this industry?

VIKTORIIA: As a person who has studied Applied Mathematics, I wanted to use my knowledge in life. This industry is a great opportunity to do it!

ME: Who are some of your biggest influences?

VIKTORIIA: They are different people at different stages of my life: parents at childhood, teachers at school.
For now, as for person who only started to work, my study leaders are my biggest influences. Because they show me level that I should have, way where I should move, what I should to achieve success.

ME: What does this award from our client mean to you?

VIKTORIIA: It is an honour for me, and I am glad that I met our Ukrainian and USA mentors expectations. Also I am happy that my employer highly appreciates the work which our Ukrainian team does. I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Ukrainian team which helped me grow! Undoubtedly, it is a great inspiration for me as the beginner.

ME: What do you plan to write or speak about at the PharmaSUG conference this year?

VIKTORIIA: I have chosen Career Planning. I plan to describe the journey from the student to the full time programmer.

ME: What are your next steps, career wise?

VIKTORIIA: First, while I am not at the highest level of SPA, my plan is : SPA level=SPA level+1. 
Second is to be a STREAM super user.
Third, to be more close with statistics.  The main motto for now: Education, education and education.

ME: What do you like about working at Intego Group?

VIKTORIIA: I like the organization of our working process. In the beginning, I was afraid that our work would be more automatic, but Intego Group is completely different! Each of us is a part of some team, where we are collaborating with our study leaders, statisticians and other programmers. Personally, I enjoy attending meetings, where I observe how important decisions about our project are made and where I am able to express my own opinion.

I think it’s important not to do your work only because it is your responsibility, but also because you are a part of your team and your project. To be a part of the team is one of the guarantees of your success!  Furthermore, the atmosphere is one of the most important things in a team.  In my opinion, our company is a world of good mood! You are surrounding by friendly people, with whom you not only can work, but also spend free time.

And last thing – I have very beautiful working place 🙂

ME: Last questions.  If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would that be? And why?

VIKTORIIA: I would like to visit China, the country which has one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. When I was a child I was very fascinated by TV programs and books about Chinese culture. For me it was like in a parallel universe.  I’m especially interested in visiting historical places, to finally see fields of rice and, certainly, the Great Wall of China!

Viktoriia is surrounded by incredible leadership who pour their time and energy in providing mentorship and support on a daily basis.  Thanks to them, the teams continue to advance their skill sets and contributions.

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of the developers we hire have a Masters Degree
  • 10% of the developers we hire have a PhD
  • We boast a 96% employee retention rate
  • 75% of the developers have been working for the same client for 3-7 years
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