Ukraine’s Education Contributes to 35% Growth in Outsourcing

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Ukraine is the largest country in Europe and has a population of 46 million.  The country is experiencing a 35% annual growth in it’s outsourcing industry and a big factor to this statistic is their focus on education.  As a matter of fact, Ukraine is the 4th most educated nation in the world which includes a 98% literacy rate.

Currently, out of the 87% of high school graduates that proceed to higher education, 37% of them are pursuing IT related fields.  This has led the country to become the #1 IT Engineering force in Central and Eastern Europe.

With Math and Science highly valued by the culture it has become known as a country of critical thinkers.  Engineers are valued for their ability to collaborate with their offshore partners and recognize potential problems.  These skill sets have lead to stronger production and less time wasted going in the wrong direction.

As more and more companies begin to experience Ukrainian outsourcing, more and more of their offshore work is being shifted to take advantage of this region.

Another advantage to the country’s focus on Science and Math has positioned Ukraine to become a destination for Big Data engineers.  With the current amount of data accumulated in the world, corporations are looking for ways to use that data to drive innovation and increase profits.  This has opened the door for many companies to seek statistical programming teams in Ukraine.  As their success increases, so does the number of programmers they hire, leading to the ongoing growth in the industry.

Intego Group’s success in this specific area has lead to some pretty incredible opportunities, including the launch of our own biostatistical masters program at Kharkiv National University where not only have we reached 100% graduation rate with scores from 90% to 100% on testing, but also 100% placement for all students in their related field.

Fun Facts:

  • 70% of the developers we hire have a Masters Degree
  • 10% of the developers we hire have a PhD
  • We boast a 96% employee retention rate
  • 75% of the developers have been working for the same client for 3-7 years
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