About Client
The customer is a daughter company of a famous German car manufacturer responsible for car leasing management and logistics within a large and geographically distributed network of dealerships across Europe.

We successfully migrated an IT infrastructure of our customer, a prominent German car manufacturer, to an efficient and scalable .NET solution to integrate a distributed network of dealerships and meet the demands of their rapidly growing leasing division.

The Challenge

With a well-known brand and a large network of dealerships distributed throughout Europe, our customer had experienced significant growth in their company’s car leasing division. To support this growth, the decision was made to reengineer their existing business processes to increase efficiency and performance. The strategic decision was made to migrate to Microsoft technologies and use the .NET Framework as the software development platform. One of the critical factors from the software engineering side was the early-stage involvement of our professionals. This granted us an opportunity to recommend the most efficient and scalable solutions during the business process workflow redesign stage. Additional challenges included supporting the transition process, rapid response to a number of change requests, performance tuning, and integrating the system with different modules of existing IT infrastructure.

The Solution
  • One of the main factors that led our customer to work with us was the strategic location of our development centers in Ukraine, as opposed to commonly used IT service providers based in India. This brought our customer the benefits of nearshore outsourcing, in which high priority software engineering endeavors are performed in close proximity to our customer’s original location. Being within two hours’ flight and one hour time difference from our client, our engineers could get involved in almost every stage of business process reengineering and, most importantly, the integration stages.


  • Development efforts continued for over 18 months with a fully dedicated team working from one of our development centers located strategically in Ukraine. As a direct result of our software engineers’ high level of expertise with .NET Framework and other Microsoft Technologies such as Entity Framework and SQL Server, the project was delivered on time and within budget. Right after the official launch, the customer extended our engagement for the development of the system’s next version while simultaneously continuing support and performance tuning.


Upon successful implementation of the car leasing information platform engineered by our IT professionals, the customer was able to achieve:

  • Full transition of existing work flow from paper-based to digital
  • Reengineer the business process and improve efficiency with enhanced performance
  • Streamline a tangled business process by utilizing a more efficient information system
  • Gain the advantages of nearshore outsourcing with a strategic partner