About Client
The customer is the most respected independent digital image editing provider, operating in the market for over 10 years. With an extensive number of software products, our customer has millions of active users, mostly professional photographers, distributed all over the world.

Our customer, a leader in image management, successfully expanded their popular desktop software to a web application which duplicated the original desktop version’s interface and functionality; this online extension then went on to exceed expectations by becoming the customer’s top product.

The Challenge

Beginning as an extension of a famous digital photo processor, the product’s online version expanded its original functionality to provide as much of the functionality of the desktop application as possible. Drag and drop images, a cloud-based space organizer, sharing images between users, secured access, a simple, clean and user-friendly interface – those are just a few of the features that needed to be implemented to supplement desktop application, written for PC and Mac platforms. Another challenge was managing large-sized RAW files, one of the product’s key market advantages.

The Solution
  • C-level executives representing the customer strongly believed Eastern Europe to be a uniquely qualified source for software engineering talent. Building a strong long-term relationship with our client, we have developed a number of software products and module extensions during five fruitful years of ongoing cooperation. When the time came to engineer a cloud-based web application designated for image sharing, the customer chose to enlist our software engineers, who had built a strong reputation and mutual trust between the two companies.


  • Primary engineering efforts continued for over 24 months to deliver the first version of the online product. Our engineers succeeded in implementing a solid-architecture framework of the system, using a wide range of LAMP technologies with extensive features implemented on the web-client side, using RIA technologies such as:

    • Drag and Drop Images, including RAW files
    • Facebook and Twitter integration
    • Integration with Digital River, Fotoflot, MyPix
    • Cloud space organizer using hierarchical folders
    • Synchronization with desktop file structure
    • Automatic image uploading
    • Simple, clean and advertising-free interface
    • Private and secure access
    • Public album sharing
    • Statistics and ranking features
    • E-mailing photos using contact lists
    • Full-screen slideshow
    • Powerful back end interface for managing sophisticated rules of storage packages, users, photos and extended statistics of software and hardware operations

Originally planned as an extension of existing desktop applications, the online image sharing portal became one of our customer’s top products. Continued development of an extensive number of new features attracted more and more users to shift to this portal as their main photo sharing engine. It brought the customer considerable attention and expanded their already strong reputation within the online community, distinguishing them from numerous competitors.