About Client
Our customer is a division of the largest media conglomerate in the world responsible for managing a number of theme parks and holiday resorts all over the world, with over 100 million guest tickets and vacation packages sold each year.

Intego Group was chosen through a selective process to smoothly migrate a large, complex, integrated body of applications, portals, tools and online solutions to a more modern and flexible web engine, handling interaction across multiple platforms and among multiple formats. We fulfilled this plan to the customer’s satisfaction and also provided support and maintenance following the project’s completion.

The Challenge

Being among the largest corporations in the world, our client has a variety of online products and services with a massive number of users and visitors. Consequently, their portfolio of online projects includes a wide range of applications, portals, tools and online solutions, resulting in a high complexity of integration with internal systems. The main challenge was smoothing the migration of a portfolio of online projects from the old engine to a new, more sophisticated and more flexible web engine that accelerates performance and improves large-scale capability. An additional challenge involved the complexity of content distribution services delivering information in various formats across multiple platforms. Considering our customer’s existing user loyalty and the anticipated increase in new visitor engagements, the integration’s success was a high priority for their overall business strategy, and the project was watched closely by C-level Executives.

The Solution
  • Among a number of competitors in the market, Intego Group was selected as the technology partner because of our software engineers, who successfully passed a multistage interviewing and selection process and exhibited the high level of proficiency and expertise needed for the project role. Taking into account the complexity of the migration project and security issues, the decision was made to send our software engineers to the client’s site for 2-3 months of training and orientation, where they acquired the additional knowledge needed to continue development from our delivery centers in Ukraine.


    The full cycle of migration continued for over 24 months with live support and maintenance following the project’s completion. Our engineers exhibited a high level of expertise and dedication to this extremely complicated endeavor, crafting.

  • High-priority solutions, such as:

    • Development of a new approach to handle massive transaction volumes
    • Implementation of a number of functional extensions within the project portfolio
    • Maintaining sustainability of the project portfolio’s performance during the migration process
    • Automation of a number of development functions, such as load testing, unit testing, and performance testing
    • Streamlining the process of building various integration tests
    • Participation in live support and maintenance of a globally distributed 24×7 support team

After establishing a dedicated development team within our company, the client has been able to achieve:

  • Accelerated performance and improved scalability of their online project portfolio
  • Decreased required development efforts due to the implementation of a number of automation modules
  • Successful migration to the new web engine without negatively influencing users’ loyalty
  • Significant savings in development costs while improving development efficiency