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About Client
Successful Clinical SAS University Program developed for a leading pharmaceutical client, to harness the growing number of data experts in Ukraine

Our client is a leading pharmaceutical company with a strong global presence whose products treat over 19 million people each year. Having been in business for over 100 years, their focus is innovation and transforming patient lives.

The Challenge

In the Medical and Pharmaceutical field, there is a high demand for clinical SAS Engineers to work within clinical trials. With an overall lack of clinical SAS engineers globally, Intego Group was asked to build out a training program using their global resourcing services in Ukraine, a country widely known for their math and science education.

The Solution
  • In partnership with the client, Intego Group developed a training program with the goal of bringing curriculum, educational resources and industry-specific knowledge in the area of biostatistics to students attending a top university that is known for mathematics and science.

  • With hard word and determination we were able to launch the training in 2014 at Kharkiv National University in Ukraine for students in their Master’s Program.
    Students in the program are now obtaining advanced courses of statistics, databases, clinical trials, SAS programming and English in addition to their normal classes.

  • After completing the full course, students can apply for an internship with Intego Group and their pharma client. The internship lasts 3 months and allows students to apply their obtained knowledge to the practical tasks, while getting accustomed with industry standards and best practices, all the while under the supervision of top employees from leading pharma companies and CRO’s.


We were able to reduce costs and improve efficiency by taking the burden of some of the standardized activities and allowing the internal staff to focus on the more complex responsibilities.  We increased flexibility of workload peaks and troughs and improved quality as new comers brought fresh views on the routine processes.

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